12 Metre Class



The International 12 Metre Class’ 2019 World Championship will be held in Newport, Rhode Island (USA) from July 8- 13, hosted by the Ida Lewis Yacht Club and the 12 Metre Yacht Club. It will be the largest-ever gathering of 12 Metre yachts in the United States featuring more than two-dozen boats from seven countries. International teams comprised of elite sailors including America’s Cup veterans and Olympic medalists will represent Australia, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Norway and the United States. The 2019 12 Metre World Championship fleet will span the years 1928 -1987, include seven America’s Cup defenders and challengers, and be sailed on Rhode Island Sound, the site of nine America’s Cup competitions from 1958-1983.


12mR World Championship Collection

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Trivia was built 1937 in England by Camper and Nicholsons for Vernon MacAndrew. MacAndrew sailed Trivia very successfully and won the King's Cup in the Cowes Week 1937 and 1938 respectively. From 1948 to 1958 Trivia sailed off Oslo under the name Norsaga. At that time as today there was a large 12er fleet in Norway, above all because the yacht designer Johan Anker, one of the fathers of the 12mR formula and friend of the sailing enthusiastic royal family, had built many 12ers for the Norwegian moneyed aristocracy. In the old Norsaga logbook you can read that the royal family sailed on Trivia as early as 1949, today's King Harald still as a young boy. Chuck Bay's widow sold Trivia back to England in 1959 to Lord Craigmyle, who wanted to sail for the America's Cup with his Red Duster Syndicate in 1962. However, the Australians had also submitted a challenge to the Cup defender New York Yacht Club for the first time, so that the English had to wait until 1964. In 1963 Trivia was modified by John Arthur Robb to such an extent that she joined the group of yachts that were considered challengers for the America's Cup and in 1964 she actually went to Newport on the U.S. East Coast to the qualifying races together with the English Sovereign. In the Cup final the Americans defeated Sovereign clearly. Trivia then stayed in the USA and sailed for many years on the Great Lakes where she won the famous Chicago-Mackinac Race in 1968 and 1969 in front of more than 180 other yachts. Since 2000 the enthusiasm for the classic racing yachts can be seen again in the Baltic Sea. Many of the restored yachts that were previously sailed in Newport, Cowes and the Mediterranean Sea are now based in the Baltic Sea. The highlight of the 12er scene was however the large 150-year anniversary of the America's Cup 2001 in Cowes in which 36 12er participated.