Code-Zero America's Cup
Code-Zero America's Cup


America´s Cup - the heritage collection

America´s Cup is the oldest active trophy in international sport and is yachting´s biggest prize. The silver trophy was original known as the 100 pounds cup, a sailing competition around the Isle of Wight organized by the Royal Yacht Squadron of Great Britain in 1851. The cup was won by the 100 foot schooner, the “America”, from New York City.

For the 35th edition CODE-ZERO developed an exclusive Americas´s Cup heritage collection. A unique collection of 35 polos available in different colors and representing the winner of each America´s Cup Challenge. Inspired by and a tribute to the rich heritage of the America´s Cup and the teams which took part of this sailing legacy.

Code-Zero America's Cup Bermuda 2017

Auckland, New Zealand: home of the 2021 America’s Cup

In 2021 Auckland will host the 36th edition of the America´s Cup where the best sailors on the fastest boats will battle for the oldest trophy in international sport.

For the third time in the 166-year history of the America's Cup, the world's oldest cup goes to New Zealand. Congratulations to Team New Zealand for the victory 2017 and we are look forward to the next races in 2021!