CODE-ZERO Waypoint Jacket Black
Waypoint Jacket Black
170 €
CODE-ZERO Waypoint Jacket Navy
Waypoint Jacket Navy
170 €
CODE-ZERO Waypoint Jacket Grey
Waypoint Jacket Grey
170 €
CODE-ZERO Waypoint Jacket Skydiver Blue
Waypoint Jacket Skydiver Blue
170 €
CODE-ZERO Waypoint Jacket Orange
Waypoint Jacket Orange
170 €
CODE-ZERO Bodywarmer Jackyard Navy/Grey
Bodywarmer Jackyard Navy/Grey
100 €
CODE-ZERO Bodywarmer Jackyard Dark Grey
Bodywarmer Jackyard Dark Grey
100 €
CODE-ZERO Bodywarmer Jackyard Light Grey
Bodywarmer Jackyard Light Grey
100 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket Chinese Red
Halyard Softshell Jacket Chinese Red
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket Skydiver Blue
Halyard Softshell Jacket Skydiver Blue
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket Navy
Halyard Softshell Jacket Navy
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket Grey
Halyard Softshell Jacket Grey
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket Black
Halyard Softshell Jacket Black
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Jacket White
Halyard Softshell Jacket White
140 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Bodywarmer Black
Halyard Softshell Bodywarmer Black
100 €
CODE-ZERO Halyard Softshell Bodywarmer Grey
Halyard Softshell Bodywarmer Grey
100 €
CODE-ZERO Jackyard Bodywarmer Dark shadow
Jackyard Bodywarmer Dark shadow
100 €
CODE-ZERO Lac Leman Winter Jacket Red
Lac Leman Winter Jacket Red
180 € 95 €
CODE-ZERO Lac Leman Winter Jacket Navy
Lac Leman Winter Jacket Navy
180 € 95 €
CODE-ZERO Lac Leman Winter Jacket Olive
Lac Leman Winter Jacket Olive
180 € 95 €
CODE-ZERO Pacific Jacket Black
Pacific Jacket Black
450 €
CODE-ZERO Pacific Jacket Grey
Pacific Jacket Grey
450 €
CODE-ZERO Pacific Smock Black
Pacific Smock Black
250 €
CODE-ZERO Pacific Smock Grey
Pacific Smock Grey
250 €
CODE-ZERO Floater Backpack Black
Floater Backpack Black
120 €

Classy sailing jackets for men

Especially for sailing sports outdoor jackets have to withstand special strains. Wind and water challenge every waterproof rain jacket. Our sailing jackets are designed to function as wind jackets as well as rain jackets. They are ultralight and offer plenty of freedom of movement during sport. Exactly this is important for outdoor jackets for men. Our elegant all-weather jackets in maritime style are equally of high quality and unrestricted functionality. They withstand wind and weather and appear in a timeless maritime style. The unique fit of our models gives the feeling of freedom and ideal protection from all weather conditions. The modern colors will let you glow in fresh light and set optimal contrasts against any grey cloud cover. Whether for outdoor fans, hobby athletes or in everyday use - our Code-Zero jackets give you an athletic-elegant look and protect you from wind and weather.

How the transition jacket conquers men

The transitional jacket, which was a long time considered a piece of clothing for ladies, is nowadays just as much a part of every men's wardrobe. For temperatures between 5 and 18 degrees Celsius, but much more to protect against wind and rain, the jacket is primarily ideal for spring and autumn. Especially the so called Hardshell jackets are to be highlighted here. For many men, the most important requirement when buying a jacket is that it is water-repellent without looking like a classic rain jacket. The fact that an outdoor jacket can convince men, water-repellent and equally elegant in cut is proven by our Code-Zero models, because our outdoor jackets are waterproof and breathable.

Wind jacket, functional jacket or sailing jacket – why the otdoor jacket convinces with a waterproof, breathable and classy design

Our outdoor jackets in various modern colors and trendy cuts in breathable nylon and polyester have been specially developed to provide outdoor fans with the perfect outfit for all their activities. The soft fits and lightweight materials dress you perfectly in all your activities without restricting your freedom of movement. The 4-way stretch guarantees ultimate flexibility and allows any outdoor activity even in colder temperatures. This makes our Code-Zero outdoor jackets so unique, that they are worn even by competitive athletes. Another important factor when deciding for a transition jacket with a comfortable fit is that the functional jacket for men is not only waterproof against rain, but also protects against rushing waves and splashing water during water sports. Our wind- and waterproof functional fabric with a water column of 10,000 mm protects you safely in all weather conditions and withstands even the strongest rain.

The functional jacket for all seasons

Classic yet modern, the rain jacket dresses you maritime, elegant and sporty. Several pockets with waterproof zippers and the obligatory Code-Zero patch on the left sleeve make your new favourite jacket unmistakable. Many of our customers wear their favorite Code-Zero jacket all year round. Thanks to the four-season technology with a multi-layer fabric and the secure storm hood, cold, wind and rain can't harm you. So you'll be prepared for the weather all year round.

Why the rain jacket for men hast to convince with waterproof and windproof properties

Besides a stylish cut and an optimal fit, a good rain jacket should above all be waterproof, even when the rain lasts longer. In our online shop you will find the optimal rain jacket, ultra light and uncompromising waterproof. Thanks to the 3-layer weather protection, the Code-Zero functional jacket is one hundred percent waterproof. In addition, the ultra-light rain jacket is breathable and therefore perfect even for outdoor athletes. With the help of a fleece midlayer, the waterproof and windproof transition jacket becomes a perfect protection against wind and weather even on the coldest days. With Code-Zero safely through the whole year.

Code-Zero – the unique sailing jacket

Because our elegant and functional collections are nearly unique on the outdoor clothing market, they are enjoying increasing success. This also explains why the outdoor jacket for men is so popular. Anyone who has ever worn one of our comfortable, shapely functional jackets will never want to miss out on this comfort again. Because nothing offers a better base for outdoor activities than protective windproof and waterproof clothing that guarantees complete freedom of movement.