Sneekweek 2018

CODE-ZERO Sneekweek

Sneekweek Collection

The 23rd edition

The Royal Yacht Club Sneek (KWS) has organized this special event sinds 1934. It takes place in the north of the Netherlands, in the province of Friesland. The Sneekweek is Europe’s largest inshore sailing regatta. The most important thing for many people, however, is the fun and hugely enjoyable atmosphere. Sailors compete in 40 different classes. Vaurien, Yngling, Optimist, Finn, 2.4mR, Laser and Splash among others offer loyal fleets that keep coming back for more. The opening ceremony will take place in the centre of Sneek on Friday 3rd of August at 9 pm. The event will be kicked off with a traditional “vlootschouw”. Forty boats, each representing its class, will be accompanied by classical boats and music. This ceremony ends around midnight with huge fireworks.

The next day, the race committee will mark out the courses using 24 buoys, spread out across different connecting lakes. The audience will come to the Starteiland in large numbers, ensuring an excellent atmosphere.

When racing finishes, the party begins! During Sneekweek the city of Sneek dazzles more than ever before. In the heart of Sneek you will be entertained by lots of different bands. Even the Starteiland rocks with music night and day!

CODE-ZERO Sneekweek