CODE-ZERO Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Steel Grey
Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Steel Grey
90 €
CODE-ZERO Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Demin
Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Demin
90 €
CODE-ZERO Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Red
Cut & Sewn Zip Sweater Red
90 €
CODE-ZERO Wave Sweater Grey/black
Wave Sweater Grey/black
70 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover Paradise Green
Martingale Pullover Paradise Green
85 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover Neon Orange
Martingale Pullover Neon Orange
85 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover Black
Martingale Pullover Black
85 €
CODE-ZERO 12M College Sweater Navy
12M College Sweater Navy
80 €
CODE-ZERO 12M College Sweater Grey
12M College Sweater Grey
80 €
CODE-ZERO Transire Hoody Black
Transire Hoody Black
80 €
CODE-ZERO Transire Hoody Blue
Transire Hoody Blue
80 €
CODE-ZERO Transire Hoody Red
Transire Hoody Red
80 €
CODE-ZERO Antibes Hoody Navy
Antibes Hoody Navy
90 €
CODE-ZERO Antibes Hoody White
Antibes Hoody White
90 €
CODE-ZERO Antibes Hoody Grey
Antibes Hoody Grey
90 €
CODE-ZERO Batten Sweater Blue
Batten Sweater Blue
75 €
CODE-ZERO Batten Sweater Coral
Batten Sweater Coral
75 €
CODE-ZERO Batten Sweater Anthracite
Batten Sweater Anthracite
75 €
CODE-ZERO Batten Sweater Silver
Batten Sweater Silver
75 €
CODE-ZERO Superseries Hoody Navy
Superseries Hoody Navy
90 €
CODE-ZERO Superseries Hoody Jet Black
Superseries Hoody Jet Black
90 €
CODE-ZERO Superseries Hoody Jaffa Orange
Superseries Hoody Jaffa Orange
90 €
CODE-ZERO TP52 Super Series Hoody Grey Melange
TP52 Super Series Hoody Grey Melange
90 €
CODE-ZERO TP52 Super Series Hoody White
TP52 Super Series Hoody White
90 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover White
Martingale Pullover White
85 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover Lunar Rock
Martingale Pullover Lunar Rock
85 €
CODE-ZERO Martingale Pullover Eclipse
Martingale Pullover Eclipse
85 €
CODE-ZERO Vang Sweater Grey/black
Vang Sweater Grey/black
100 €
CODE-ZERO Leeward Zip Sweater  Dark Grey
Leeward Zip Sweater Dark Grey
80 €
CODE-ZERO Navigator Zip Sweater  Navy/grey
Navigator Zip Sweater Navy/grey
120 €
CODE-ZERO Inboard Sweat Pants Navy
Inboard Sweat Pants Navy
60 €
CODE-ZERO Inboard Sweat Pants Light Grey
Inboard Sweat Pants Light Grey
60 €

Maritime knitted sweater for men

Whether with roundneck or v-neck – the sweatshirt harmonizes with jeans and sailing boots as well as with chino and fine lace-up shoes. A really uncomplicated and classy styling partner for cool everyday looks and at the same time more elegant leisure outfits. In muted colours like black, grey and navy the men's sweaters are real classics and should not be missed in any wardrobe!

Hoodies in maritime style

The loose fit and the cosy inside are trademarks of these comfortable allrounders and guarantee an optimal wearing comfort in every situation. Our sailing sweaters are not only perfect for keeping you warm during a fresh breeze on a sailing trip, but also for casual city looks in everyday life. Our maritime hoodies convince with a large color selection, striking prints and a sporty maritime design - here is the right thing for every Sailor! We better give you a little warning: You won’t want to take off these sweaters anymore and very quick they will become your new favourite piece in the wardrobe!

Casual Sailing-Sweatshirts

The ultimate feel-good piece for your everyday life: The sweater can be combined in many different casual looks and ensures a smart appearance. To relax on the couch, for fitness training or simply as a casual top for a trip into the city – sweaters are always a comfortable companion on cooler days. An excellent workmanship, high-quality materials and a modern, maritime design are united in one piece.