Reignite New Zealand’s passion for ocean racing by creating a pathway for future generations of New Zealand sailors who have the ambition to race Offshore. NZOR focus is on developing diverse grassroot talent, by providing opportunities for sailors to compete in South Pacific events, with the goal of competing in the Ocean Race.

Sustainability is at the core of NZORs team, they are focusing on establishing opportunities for their partnerships to educate the wider population on sustainability and health of our ocean.

Favorite Outfit

New Zealand Ocean Racing’s boat is one of eight VO65’s, that has raced in The Ocean Race two previous editions. The next will be her third lap around the planet.

As a sailor, you are put under a lot of strain, especially at offshore regattas. The mind and the body have to endure a lot. But also the equipment and clothing must hold. CODE-ZERO always accompanies us on all our stages and we always stayed dry.

Sustainability is at the heart of the team. The goal is to educate the general population about sustainability and the health of our oceans.

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