Zhou Guanyu is the trailblazing Chinese racing driver tearing up the tracks in Formula One. Born on May 30th, 1999 in Shanghai, Zhou started karting at just eight years old. But his competitive spirit led him to Sheffield in 2012, where he honed his skills on the circuit. In 2022, Zhou joined Sauber motorsports and took to the starting grid with car number 24, a tribute to his sporting hero Kobe Bryant.

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Zhou Guanyu made his Formula One debut in the Bahrain Grand Prix and quickly made a name for himself, earning the title of 2022 Autosport Rookie of the Year. As the first Chinese driver to compete in Formula One, Zhou is making waves both on and off the track.

Zhou's 2024 season is all about taking his driving to the next level. "I'm so grateful for the support from my fans back home and at the track," he says. "It means the world to me and I'm determined to make them proud with my driving."

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