These shorts are designed to cater to the needs of active women who enjoy outdoor activities and are always on the go. Let's dive into the impressive features that make these shorts a must-have addition to your wardrobe. The shorts are crafted from quick-dry fabric, making them ideal for outdoor adventures and water-related activities. This fabric efficiently wicks away moisture, allowing it to evaporate quickly, keeping you dry and comfortable throughout the day. Whether you're sailing, hiking, or simply enjoying a sunny day at the beach, these shorts will keep you feeling cool and fresh.

With their variety of colors, waterproof zippered pockets, included belt, quick-dry fabric, and modern design, these shorts are perfect for various occasions, whether you're at the marina, engaging in outdoor activities, or simply spending time with friends. In terms of design, the Functional Shorts boast a modern and sporty aesthetic. The clean lines and tailored silhouette give them a sleek and fashionable look, while the subtle CODE-ZERO branding adds a touch of sophistication. These shorts strike the perfect balance between style and functionality, allowing you to feel confident and fashionable wherever your day takes you.